Comedian Pierre Hébert was stared at and snubbed in a shop

When comedian Pierre Hébert was shopping for his outfit for the Gala Artis, he was snubbed. He was in a luxurious clothing store, he was stared at because he was dressed in slack when he was looking for a suit. His post already has more than 17 likes, we can say that it happened to several people this situation.

I can't believe this is happening again in 2016 ...

I walk into a somewhat luxurious boutique because I'm looking for a suit for the Olivier Gala. I just came back from the gym. My hair is crooked, I have my old, ultra-comfortable jeans with a kangaroo sweater. I know that I am dressed in slack, but precisely, I am not at a gala, I shop!

For 5 minutes, I look at the clothes and I see the salesman who saw me more than once and who looks at me as if to say to himself: "Well, another nosy who will buy nothing ..." He does not just do not not serve me, he looks at me a little with contempt and avoids me as much as possible.

In my grandpa's time, even if it was silly, I could understand that we relied a little more on clothing, but nowadays, do you agree that it doesn't mean anything anymore .

Frustrated, I went to another shop, I bought my outfit, I came back to see him with my invoice, saying: "Here, here is the sale that you missed because of your prejudices of mard!" "

Well… Ok, I went elsewhere, but I didn't come back to see him, but once in my tank, I thought to myself that this is so what I should have done.

In short, it's not because you're slack that you don't have the right to good service and it's not because you're dressed to serve customers that you're not a mange-tarde.