Top 20 Sexiest Men Names

If you meant to hurt your Kid by naming it Fairy-Derick as in the list of the worst Quebec names, I have a better option for you. A gathering of bloggers (and certainly bloggers) has released a list of the sexiest names among men. You should know that these are mostly English names since they are Americans who did it. BUT, remain that if your name is in the list, know that you are sexy beyond the border my lucky one!


20- Logan

19- Jared

18- Lucas

17- Gabe

16- Adam

15- Dean

14- Jesse

13- Darrell

12- Ethan

11- Jackson

10- Jake

9- Dylan

8- Aiden

7- Luke

6- Dwayne

5- James

4- Nicholas

3- Luca

2- Anthony

1- Liam

And as the icing on the sundae ... FULL OF BEAUTIFUL BOYS!

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