Couple tattoo each other on comedy duo Ding and Dong

Do you remember the duo of comedians Thing et Dong (Serge Thériault and Claude Meunier)? They were quite popular in the 80s when they hosted the Lundis des Ha! Ha! They had even made a film so much their duo worked at the beginning of the 90s and they created the program La Petite Vie. A couple decided to pay tribute to these two characters by each tattooing one of the 2 members of this duo. This is the artist Rebecca guinard who produced the work, we can say that it is quite successful.


"Ding is on my girlfriend's calf and Dong is on my back arm." - Simon lamarre


I don't know what is going on, but there are more and more tattoos showcasing Quebec artists:

She gets a tattoo on Marc Dupré's face and he reacts


Oufff She gets a tattoo "In Salvail mode" with the autograph of Eric Salvail


A Quebecer tattooed a well-crafted Éric Lapointe