A graphic designer has fun correcting photos of Internet users with Photoshop

James fridman knows Photoshop well, and is always ready to help someone edit their photos. It didn't take long before several Internet users on Twitter sent him a snapshot asking him to correct certain details. Always with the goal of doing a good deed, James took at their word those who needed his services. He now has over 130 followers following his Twitter account. photoshop-troll-james-friedman-22__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-23__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-24__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-25__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-26__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-32__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-33__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-34__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-36__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-38__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-39__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-40__880 photoshop-troll-james-friedman-41__880