Nicola Ciccone gives us a nice machine ballad to make us hear his most recent album

Nicola Ciccone decided to make us listen to her new album by doing a machine ballad. Heille, the concept won me over, I had no choice but to comment with the times of the video. Here is my analysis of this little car tour with Nicola.







0:29 - Ah well… I'm going to buckle up my seatbelt then
0:38 - He's faster than me at opening a CD
0:43 - "I don't want to die before I'm dead" uh ... well, I agree with you like
1:15 - It's about death, I often see you looking at the camera instead of the road… I'm a little worried my Nicola
1:37 - You do that with just driving with your knees without using your hands
1:37 - "Loneliness is always better for two" uh ... well ok yeah!
1:45 - The art of making pistols with your hands and being very happy afterwards
1:51 - ah damn I was sure he was going to release a harmonica and conduct at the same time ...
2:15 - I think Nicola is looking for the horn
2:27 - Magic moment ... does he play the air guitar or the air harp
2:38 - The album is longer than he thought ... it's a little tired
2:50 - Nicola is a little confused, he doesn't remember the lyrics
3:48 - You noticed that your zipper was open my Nic
3:53 and 4:22 - Nicola you turn in circles (3 recycling bins, the fire hydrant, the red car and the cedars)
4:44 - You give us an appointment….? in another car?