A mother dog finds her little ones, the video is cute

Touching video where we can see this mother dog who sees her children again. Mom Cora at the start of the video is completely terrified, not knowing what is happening to her. An attendant then takes the puppies out one by one and presents them to her. After having analyzed the small dogs, the mother quickly understands that she is seeing her children again. Joy takes hold of her, and it's way too cute. We must give all the credit to Marin Humane Society for playing detective to reunite this beautiful family which was separated.

WOW! Our video of the momma and puppies who were reunited has gone viral! Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian - there's nothing like the power of heartwarming stories about animals! :-) Here's a better version of the video. And thank you for supporting the Marin Humane Society!

Posted by Marin Humane Society on Tuesday, March 8, 2016