Louis-José Houde is insulted and he throws plates everywhere during the filming of a parody of Recettes Pompettes

I don't know if you remember the excellent Parody of Pompettes Recipes made by comedians Adib Alkhalidey et Martin Perizzolo. It is now the turn of Louis-José Houde & Les Appendices to make a version of the popular program of Eric Salvail. This parody called Les Recettes Pompées aims to insult and disturb his guest. It didn't take long before the likable and usually calm Louis-José Houde broke his boat and began to gargle plates all over the film set.

Pumped recipesOur parody of Recipes Pompettes with Louis-José Houde! You can watch the rest of the episode here:

Posted by Appendices on Saturday, March 5, 2016