Here is the MacBook Selfie Stick that may humiliate you in front of everyone

Here the Macbook Selfie Stick to help you take pictures of yourself. I guess you have to tell yourself that it doesn't make sense, and that if you run into someone with it on the street you'll laugh your life. Unfortunately, you won't laugh a lot because this product is not for sale. This is the artistic project of the Moises team (Art404). On the other hand, I would not be surprised to see this item available one day.

macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-1 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-2 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-30 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-31 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-32 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-33 macbook-selfie-stick-moises-john-yuyi-tom-galle-34