Disappointingly, there are only three stations in the Montreal metro that are named after a woman

Gilles Laporte, a professor from Cégep du Vieux-Montréal, had the excellent idea of ​​explaining to us, using this card, the origin of the names of the various stations of the Montreal metro. Everything is really very interesting, but it also allows us to see that women are definitely underrepresented. Only three stations are named after a woman: Côte Ste-Catherine, Villa-Maria and Square-Victoria-OACI.


You can click here to see the map in large format. 

Here are the only three stations with a woman's name:


Hey no, it looks like no one before me had thought of making this infographic… The story under our feet: the origin of the names of the Montreal metro stations.

posted by Gilles Laporte on the fact February 6 2016