Quebecers who think they look like stars

The En mode Salvail team did an excellent status Facebook to find look-alikes of famous people. It didn't take long before several Quebecers put photos of themselves and their double in the comments. Sometimes it works, but there are quite a few that do not look the same at all. It really is a funny concept! I was so hoping to see one with Éric Lapointe!

Double-Quebecois-drole-01 Double-Quebecois-drole-02 Double-Quebecois-drole-03 Double-Quebecois-drole-04 Double-Quebecois-drole-05 Double-Quebecois-drole-06 Double-Quebecois-drole-07 Double-Quebecois-drole-08 Double-Quebecois-drole-09 Double-Quebecois-drole-10 Double-Quebecois-drole-11 Double-Quebecois-drole-12 Double-Quebecois-drole-13 Double-Quebecois-drole-14 Double-Quebecois-drole-15  Double-Quebecois-drole-17 Double-Quebecois-drole-18 Double-Quebecois-drole-19 Double-Quebecois-drole-20 Double-Quebecois-drole-21 Double-Quebecois-drole-22 Double-Quebecois-drole-23 Double-Quebecois-drole-24 funny-lookalike SOSIE-funny lol-lookalike