A Quebec comedian is touched by the many messages from parents looking for their 15-16 year-old daughter on Facebook

You surely noticed lately on Facebook, there are several wanted notices circulating young girls who are missing. Quebec Internet users are affected by his disappearances, and many share articles to try to find them. Comedian Pierre Hébert felt challenged when he saw the various missing girls, he made a touching Facebook status. Almost 22 likes and 000 shares for this poignant statement:

For a few days now, it has been baffling me to see messages posted on my Facebook from parents looking for their 15-16 year-old daughter, probably gone with their lover who is in truth a pimp…

Having a daughter myself, every time I see this go by, it makes me feel like a huge ball of anxiety in my stomach.

I just want to tell you to take two minutes tonight to tell your daughter how much you love her. Take two minutes to tell your daughter that you love her, that she is beautiful, that she has every reason in the world to be self-confident and never, ever, to let a man decide for her. anything.

For a few days now, I've been freaking out to see messages from parents looking for their daughter on my Facebook ...

Posted by Pierre Hebert on Tuesday, February 2, 2016