Quebecer changes name to rockstar Luc Marshall to become a star

A man from Gatineau, aka the city where the dirtiest Quebecer in our province resides, decided to change its name. Charles Trepanier has done all the necessary steps with the Registrar of Civil Status to name himself now Rockstar Luke Marshall. The poet and singer now wants to become a star and write songs for Celine Dion. The 57-year-old came out with a few good lines in an interview, “Rockstar, I didn't know it was really famous when I chose that name. For example, I did not know there was an energy drink with that name. ”. Our Quebec Rockstar added Luc to his name in honor of one of his deceased friends. Mister Redbull oops I mean Rockstar has about 30 poems / songs for Celine, he's really hoping to find a way to talk about it.

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