Canadian host attacks mayor Coderre and Quebec

The host of the Canadian show Rick Mercer Report,broadcast on CBC, has just posted a video that makes a lot of noise on social networks. Rick attacks Mayor Coderre over the Energy East pipeline. The purpose of this project is to transport oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to a marine terminal located in Saint-Jean (New Brunswick) via Quebec. Already several comments under this video ridicule Quebeckers, we can say that Rick is not going in the lace with us. Already the word clicks #QuebecBashing circulates.

* I just don't understand why the camera rotates every 2 seconds and where is he going like that?

Rick's Rant: Energy East PipelineBREAKING: Here is Rick's Rant for this week. Brand new episode of RMR Tomorrow / Tuesday Jan 26th.

Posted by Rick Mercer Report on Monday, January 25, 2016