Worst investment: Who will pay $ 300 for this house in Rosemont?

Are you looking for a house in Montreal? You love the Rosemont / Petite Patrie district because it's cool, quiet and family-friendly. But you are someone who loves to live in disorder and sometimes make bad investments, this is THE house for you. This completely messy house is currently on sale for the sum of $ 300. I let you visit it with these photos. If you buy it at least you have room to set up a tent to sleep. You want to know more, you can consult the fiche.

House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-01 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-02 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-03 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-04 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-05 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-06 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-07 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-08 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-09 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-10 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-11 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-12 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-13 House-Rosemont-Montreal-Sale-14