Marilou makes big announcement for fans of Three Times a Day

Marilou today announced the number of books it has sold from Three times per day. Volume 1 has been purchased 224 times, that's huge. I would like to personally congratulate Marilou and Alexandre for this achievement, sincerely it's incredible. For having tried several recipes from their book, I can say that they offer completely good / magical recipes. It is with joy that Marilou shared today that Volume 000 will be officially released in September 2. Here is his message:

Hello group!

I would like to take a few moments to really thank you very much for the two good news that we had recently regarding our book "Three times a day, First volume".

We learned that we were 4th best seller for the holiday season, alongside new products from our friends Ricardo's kitchen et Smart kitchen. It's really an honor because we admire them a lot. We thank you very much for having thought of us for Christmas, it touches us. smile Emoticon

Then, and this is really the most unexpected thing that is and that we would not even have dared to dream of, we have sold, in total, 224 books since its release in September 000. It's just amazing and we hardly find the words to say THANKS for trusting us and buying our book.

We put so much love, energy and time into this project, and you have rewarded us in a grand way.

What I find most fantastic is that beyond the numbers, our message continues to be transported and we continue to carry out our mission, that of transforming the relationship between people and food for the better, from same way as at the beginning and with the same motivation.

From a small project to a great success in the bookstore, we say thank you and we promise to stay the same, to always work as hard to make you cook and make you love the food without stressing you in addition to making you laugh at our mistakes and our silliness.

The second volume is in preparation; it will be released in september 2016 and we can't wait to show it to you.

Thank you from the heart.

Hello group! I would like to take a few moments to really thank you very much for the two good news ...

Posted by Three times per day on Tuesday, January 19, 2016