Hot-eyed TV host tries out sex gadgets

TV host Lili Boisvert sent me a sample, exclusively for fans of Petit Petit Gamin, from his new show Sexplora. The video segment is frankly interesting. She challenged herself to know how long it will take to cum with different sex toys. The Magic Wand, Womanizer, Purple beam and his hands are competing to see which one is more effective. His show Sexplora, which begins on January 22 (Friday at 22:30 p.m.) on ICI Explora, tackles sex in all its facets in a fun way. There will be six episodes with the theme: libido, orgasm, masturbation, vulva, fetishism and penis. The sympathetic and adventurous Lili will also meet several specialists to obtain often surprising and instructive answers to the questions which we all ask ourselves. The show is produced by my friends back home Urbania, for sure it will be good! I also invite you to visit the site of Sexplora, there is a lot of information and ole ole quiz.

So who will be the most effective: the Magic one, Womanizer, Purple beam or Lili's hands?