Several internet users are angry and find that Nathalie Petrowski has disrespected Marie Mai

Article Marie Mai's radio silence écrit par Nathalie Petrowski arouses a lot of reactions from Internet users. Nathalie addresses the separation of Marie Mai, and she finds that the artist does not give us enough information about this rupture. She blames that there wasn't a press conference, but just three paragraphs on Facebook. She points out that the singer bombarded us with photos of her and Fred St-Gelais in all the media and that now nothing. That this separation is as personal as it is professional, and that his fans deserve to have the truth. She also wonders if they were a real couple “For 11 years, Marie Mai has practiced a star of proximity, simplicity and transparency. Was it all a decoy, in the end? What a banal marketing tactic?… That it was just fluff and wind delivered to the plebs to sell more records, more tickets to shows, more Marie Mai? ”. You can read the entire article here.

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Some reactions from Internet users who are scandalized by Nathalie Petrowski's text:

I should have given a press conference when Pavlov passed away and we went our separate ways. My apologies. - 30 -

Posted by Mr. C. Gilles on Sunday, Janvier 17, 2016

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And those in Nathalie's clan:

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