Clothes to say out loud your love for Celine Dion & the cats

Célia Marquis and Kim Snyder started the screen-printed clothing project (with a lot of love) Feline dion. It's the perfect brand to say out loud your love for our Celine Dion and for cats. Pretty sure if you wear one of their sweaters at the Celine Dion show next July / August, you'll get arrested often to find out where you got your pretty clothes. You can order it on their official website:

Feline-Dion-01 Feline-Dion-02 Feline-Dion-03 Feline-Dion-04 Feline-Dion-05Photo credit:

Feline-Dion-06 Feline-Dion-07 Feline-Dion-08 Feline-Dion-09