The 20 worst names in Quebec in 2015

At the start of each year, the blog of [Z] imperfect this Le pas fin list of original names, unusual, creative, not the same as the others. This 2015 cuvée is without a doubt memorable! Here are the 20 worst names of 2015 in my opinion. I see myself being a teacher and saying the presences: "Is Vagina here?" Is there really a Vaillant-Bob in the class? ” or the little Fairy-Déryke, she has not finished spelling her first name. It is certain that little G-Remy & Jayraume will have an Rnb career in St-Eustache and that Lou-Fransoi must live with a first name full of spelling mistakes.


1. Vagina

2. Quebec

3. Fairy-Déryke

4. Jayraume

5. Vaillant-Bob

6. Ha-Ryhane

7. Lou Fransoi

8. Marie Apple

9. Marcus-Smiley

10. G-Remy

11. Jieff (to say JF)

12. Tyger (for a girl)

13. Luxmaya

14. Kidalozia

15. Cleophite

16. Uejs

17. Maxange

18. March-Xavier

19. Klovys

20. Charlemaine