Fun ways to save and get rich

There is currently a top contest made by for 16-20 year olds where you could win an iPad mini or even Beats headphones! It's quite simple, you have to answer the question: What's your best tip for saving? Like I'm a nice petit petit gamin, I decided to help you out a bit and provide you with my way of saving money. Of course you have standard ways such as: opening a savings account to put money in every week, not buying things you don't really need or even putting money in a jar every time you say a bad word.

For me the way that works for me is to have so many piggy banks cute that I have no choice but to feed them with my coins. Here are the 5 most beautiful and efficient piggy banks on the planet (nothing less).

1. The piggy bank with greedy little eyes


2. The "Alarm Clock Bank" to stop this alarm clock from ringing you have to insert coins.


3. The piggy bank for catlovers


4. The arcade piggy bank that allows you to play a game only if you give it your money.


5. The piggy bank that gives you motivation to save


Are you ready to participate in the contest?

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