Do you know Atchoum, the most popular cat in Quebec?

A year ago, the Atchoum phenomenon exploded on the web with the photos of it. Do'Sneeze is still so popular now? If we look at the account Instagram of this cat star, he is followed by more than 85 people. Sure Facebook, more than 43 fans have subscribed to his page. Atchoum the most popular cat in Quebec? I think so, you can see it here.

*Atchoum was born on May 10, 2014, he is a cat with a particular facies due to the fact that he has a hormonal disorder called hypertrichose which gives it a nice hoe but also the thickening of the ends of these legs and oddly shaped claws which had to be removed because it was too difficult to maintain due to their shape ...

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Heille @atchoumfan who gives big love to PPG #Catlover #Cat #Atchoum #Chat

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