Salut Bonjour columnist who said he no longer buys his music gives explanations on Facebook

The chronicler Daniel Melancon, who created a little commotion on social media yesterday when he said on the show Hi hello that he no longer bought his music, wanted to make a small update today on his Facebook account. At first, he explains his point a little more clearly and then admits that he could have been a little more informed before broaching the subject. In another statute a little later, he asks people their own way of consuming music.

I am going to make a point for all the musicians that I could scratch by my words this morning! @ salutbonjourI ...

Published by Daniel Melancon on November 2, 2015

While many of you are reacting to my comment this morning @salutbonjour, I would be curious to know ...

Published by Daniel Melancon on November 2, 2015