What did the leaders of this election look like in Canada when they were young?

It's election day today in Canada. Here are the leaders of the 5 main parties for which you can vote during the day. If you have difficulty recognizing them, it's quite normal: they are pictures of when they were young! In the comments, you can vote for the one who ages the best!






Gilles Duceppe



Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, eldest son of the former Prime minister is attending the Interaction conference as an observer. (ian lindsay / Vancouver Sun) [PNG Merlin Archive]


Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper yearbook photo is shown from Richview Collegiate Institute in 1978. As a boy graduating from high school 30 years ago, Stephen Harper was `` active in the apathy movement '' and considered `` reality '' his pet peeve. At least that's what the man who would be prime minister wrote in his high school yearbook. Harper's blurb in the 1978 Richview Collegiate Institute yearbook was published Saturday in the Toronto Star. THE CANADIAN PRESS / Toronto Star

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Thomas mulcair


Local Input ~ T 2 SLUG / Mulcair / Election / Sept, 12-94.Photo of Thomas Mulcair Chomedy Laval. THOMAS MULCAIR, ONE OF THE LIBERAL PARTY'S STAR CANDIDATES, HAD NO TROUBLE IN CHOMEDY RIDING YESTERDAY. 94/09/17 - THOMAS MULCAIR. PROMINENT ANGLO MNA (HEADSHOT ONLY) QUEBEC ELECTIONS MULCAIR THOMAS. MULCAIR: "IT GETS TO ME." (09/06/2000). ORG XMIT: POS2015072010530550 ORG XMIT: POS1507201100444883 // 0725 na mulcair-short

Elizabeth may

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