Two statues approaching, kissing and passing through each other to symbolize the end of love

Inspired by the book Ali and Nino: A Love Story of the author Kurban Said, this magnificent installation presents two statues which move, come closer, kiss each other and finally pass through each other symbolizing the end of love. The statues are set in motion for 10 minutes every evening at 19 p.m. This splendid work is located in Georgia and was produced by Tamara Kvesitadze.

metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-7metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-1 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-2 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-3 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-4 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-5 metal-statue-love-story-ali-nino-tamara-kvesitadze-georgia-6