Once again the French try to imitate the Quebecers and we don't understand a thing

Here is an advertisement presented by the telecommunications company Orange and which features a fake Québécois, played by a French actor. The humorous objective of this ad is to laugh at our Quebec expressions, our accent in addition to highlighting several clichés specific to our culture. I have nothing against the fact that people laugh at us, on the contrary, but on the other hand I worry a little about the French tourists who will have seen this ad and who will come to Quebec saying things like " I parked the bike in double-file! "Or" I am a costumer (...) »Why not hire a real actor from Quebec if we want it to be more credible? And this is not the first time that the French have found it difficult to imitate us! 

There's no trouble, pull out a log, we'll explain the 24-hour service guaranteed!

Posted by Orange on 12th October