The excellent Quebec rapper Koriass gives us his opinion on those who will vote with a veiled face

October 19 will be election day in Canada. If ever you cannot go to vote that day, there is currently an advance polling period from October 9 to 12. So some have already exercised their right to vote and as you may have heard of, some voters veiled their faces to go to the polls. Whether it is with a bag of potatoes, a Quebec flag or a clown mask, these people denounce the fact that Elections Canada allows voters to vote even if their face is covered. The very talented rapper Koriass had something to say about it in a Facebook status that has, as of this writing, nearly 8 likes.

It's cute to see Quebecers mobilize by putting bags of potatoes over their heads to go and vote, because of ...

Posted by Koriass on 9th October