There is a way that your tattoos will be kept and framed after you die

La National Association For Preservation Of Skin Art (NAPSA) is an association that offers you the possibility, once you are deceased, to “recover” your tattoos so that your loved ones can keep them in memory of you. In fact, the organization must be contacted within 18 hours of death and an embalmer will be dispatched. The cut skin is treated for its conservation and it is then possible to frame the tattoo and display it. A very good idea or rather a concept awkward according to you? Here are a few examples:

NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-18NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-31NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-19NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-20NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-3 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-4 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-5 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-6    NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-21 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-22 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-23 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-24 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-25 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-26 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-27 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-28 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-29 NAPSA-Save-My-Ink-30