Animals that have a better Halloween costume than yours!

Honestly, if I didn't have two tanners to dress up for Halloween, my cat would surely wear the perfect costume for the occasion ... plus it's all black, tse! The humans behind these animal costumes are truly imaginative! You will certainly find a good dose of inspiration for your pet's costume! My special mentions: the dog-grandma, the pug-chia, the happy-feast dogs, the hedgehog-vampire, the hamster-sushi.


batcat cheerleader chewbacca chiadog cookiemonster6 cowpug dragonpigs eeyore2 elsa3 fastfood6 gangster ghost-pugster ghost1 gramdog harrypotter5 hedgehog3 hotdogpig maleficent penguinkitty pineapple8 princessleia Pumpkin Pie sailor2 scorpion scubadog smoredog2 sushipig teenage-mutant-ninja-beagles tricericat updog a