A Quebec comedian has no compassion for Matricule 728 who got shaken up at Tout le monde en parle

The excellent comedian (whom I saw recently at the Bordel bar and who was really good) Mathieu cyr gave her opinion on her Facebook page on Stéphanie Trudeau alias Matricule 728. During her visit to Tout le monde en parle, the ex-policewoman was asked questions by the guests (especially by Philippe Falardeau and Patrick Huard) and now there is a debate in Quebec. Did the 2 guests abuse their artist status to demean the ex-policeman? Did Guy A Lepage misrepresent Stéphanie? Mathieu Cyr's status now has more than 3 likes and 800 shares, we can say that several people share his opinion.

What is your opinion? You can see theinterview here.

Opinion of the day. ;). In La Presse today, we talk about the passage of Stéphanie Trudeau to Everyone talks about it….

Posted by Mathieu cyr on Wednesday, September 30, 2015