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It is never easy to find a perfect / magic job! It is always a stressful passage with its ups and downs. I remember when I was looking for a job, I always recognized myself a lot in the song Manic depressif Chick'n Swell (haha!). At the time, I was going to carry my CV everywhere, I even went to give it to a store that repairs wheelchairs (I knew absolutely nothing about it). If you are in this situation, and you want to change jobs, my best suggestion is undoubtedly The gang behind this job posting platform in Quebec is really funky. They decided to make the experience of finding a job as fun as possible. I invite you to visit their website and discover their page Facebook where you can follow their new comedy series Change de job. Plus, he often posts the most interesting ads on their Facebook, so if you follow them this is the best way to be the first to check out a new job posting.

Do you have an office neighbor like that? #ChangedejobWhat are your anecdotes involving a disturbing office neighbor?

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Episode 2: When your boss doesn't understand you
Episode 3:  When your boss doesn't trust you

They also made a series of memes with the theme "This moment ...":

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