Montreal girl remakes Dan Bilzerian's Instagram photos but with the roles reversed

Montreal's new YouTube sensation Davison had the idea to take some Instagram photos of the famous Dan Bilzerian by reversing the roles. That is to say, she plays the role of Dan and the girls are replaced by a trio of half-naked boys. Throughout the process, an interesting discussion about sexism and guns develops. bad58b33-b244-488d-b6da-753211fa5df0_ORIGINAL53ff63c0-f847-4b72-8ca9-eaa61ce8287b_ORIGINAL 8865f209-ba1f-4e59-9a75-f4972e23cd13_JDX-NO-RATIO_WEB aa6c0628-4729-42b7-88d0-3721ce575a93_ORIGINAL