Compilation of the worst intro pornographic scenes

Maybe it happened to you like this once in your life to stumble upon a pornographic film while changing the television sets all night. Perhaps also that before zapping, you had the time to notice that the stars of these films are not always great actors and that the scenarios preceding the “ole ole” scenes are not always very original or even rather pathetic. The magazine Useful Photography had the great idea to take screenshots of these kinds of scenes and it's very funny!

Porn-without-Sex-1 Porn-without-Sex-2 Porn-without-Sex-5Porn-without-Sex-3 Porn-without-Sex-4  Porn-without-Sex-6 Porn-without-Sex-7 Porn-without-Sex-8 Porn-without-Sex-9 Porn-without-Sex-10 Porn-without-Sex-11 Porn-without-Sex-12 Porn-without-Sex-13 Porn-without-Sex-14 Porn-without-Sex-15 Porn-without-Sex-16