It's going to brew this Sunday on the set of Everyone talks about it with Stéfanie Trudeau alias Matricule 728

It's the return of the excellent show Everyone speaks this Sunday, and the extract posted online is extremely selling. You can see Stefanie Trudeau, alias Matricule 728, being questioned by the guests and the tension on the set is at the rendezvous. The debate is launched on the internets, is it its role to know the cause / the situation why people demonstrate or it is okay to act like a robot while being a police officer. The comments were so hateful that the Radio-Canada team had to issue a warning and censor some of the comments made by Internet users. Soon 500 views for this excerpt, I think the return of Tout le monde en parle will hit hard!

Everyone's talking about it is back this Sunday. You are presented with an excerpt from the interview with the former policewoman Stéfanie Trudeau who no longer wears the uniform corresponding to the number 728.

Posted by ICI Radio-Canada on Friday, September 25, 2015