A "professional" photographer and her ad with "inspiring" photos

I love classifieds, I think it's one of the most beautiful inventions in the world! What do I like even more? The pearls found there. Speaking of pearls, the classified ad of a “professional” Montreal photographer who offers her photography services at $ 50 / hour… using her cell phone camera (because tsé, it's the same quality as a professional camera according to what is written in his announcement…!) Is it tempting? For my part, I find it a bit expensive for someone to take pictures with their iPhone, but hey, that's just my opinion eh! (Special mention to the doll pictures!)

Screen Shot at 2015 09-22-8.59.44 PM

Screen Shot at 2015 09-22-9.00.45 PM

Screen Shot at 2015 09-22-9.00.53 PM

Screen Shot at 2015 09-22-9.01.02 PM