There are rumors that the next edition of the famous Westfalia will be electric

There is a rumor that the next version of the famous Westphalia will be electric. It seems to me that it's perfect, this car / small van must absolutely be reborn and be green. It's one of my dreams to have one and go on a road trip listening to folk / country with the windows open with a twig in my mouth and a cowboy-style hat but not a cowboy (kind of guy who works in the champs with jeans dungarees). It seems that the battery will be integrated into the floor, which would provide a mass of energy to circulate on the roads. The only problem is the design of the car is less sexy than before.

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Some models that make you dream:

4_Volkswagen-Electric-Hippie-Van 6_Volkswagen-Electric-Hippie-Van-750x400 3_Volkswagen-Electric-Hippie-Van