When a yoga teacher gets people talking on the web!

"No matter what people think and say, I'm good about myself!" This is the message this 28-year-old Californian wants to convey! What's crazy about the web is that self-acceptance stories come out every week, but they're still so popular! We must believe that we like to see people who dare and who seem more than happy to do so. If you find her as cool as me you can follow her on her account Instagram like more than 70 people! enhanced-2114-1442005486-2 enhanced-28435-1442004765-9 enhanced-24138-1441996611-1 enhanced-30048-1441996454-1 enhanced-12959-1441996659-5 enhanced-10332-1441996732-1 enhanced-3771-1442000215-8 enhanced-30933-1441996294-1 enhanced-2415-1441996191-11 enhanced-12895-1441996354-1