Isn't living old a part of your plans? So here's the bacon fries for you

Have you ever thought about wrapping a slice of bacon on every fries you eat? I don't know if this is really a good idea from a health point of view, but I think it could definitely make all the bacon lovers out there! Here are about fifteen photos showing you this very simple recipe and probably very high in calories !!

bacon_fries1 Screenshot 2015-08-25 to 13.56.57 Screenshot 2015-08-25 to 13.48.58 bacon-wrapped-sweet-potato-fries-prep bacon-fries-md  sweet-potato-wrapped-in-bacon-7sweet-pot-bacon-fries3  papasandpig paleosweetpotatofries bacon-wrapped-sweet-potato-fries img_45711 008 998014_505502152856406_949777781_nIMG_0950-1