This artist creates astonishing sculptures on the leads of lead pencils

The artist Jasenko Đorđević native to Bosnia, creates miniature and extremely detailed sculptures on the tips of lead pencils! Using a knife X acto and by demonstrating incredible finesse and precision, he succeeds in creating works reminiscent of woodcarving. Imagine the patience and dexterity it must take! If you want his job, I offer his account Instagram!

pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-1 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-2 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-3 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-6 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-9 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-13 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-16 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-32 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-35 pencil-tip-sculptures-jasenko-dordevic-37