An artist uses her eyes as a canvas and the result is impressive!

For a person like me who has trouble putting on mascara without putting it all over the place, these make-ups are quite a feat. In fact, I believe for everyone these makeups are awesome. Artist Tal Pelep has always loved art, drawing and makeup and this eye drawing project appeals to all of his passions! For each makeup she says it takes her hours and hours and she has to use mini brushes! Bravo girl with beautiful eyes, the result is great!

rapunzel-talpeleg__605 Cat-and-Dog-talpeleg__605 Penguin-talpeleg__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.2__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.4__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas.1__605 Eye-art11__605 Eye-art7__605 Eye-art1__605 Anti-Bullying-talpeleg__605 Ginger-cat-talpeleg__605 The-eye-is-my-canvas .__ 605 creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg-8 The-eye-is-my-canvas.5__605 Eye-art4__605 Fruity-eye-talpeleg__605 creative-make-up-eye-art-tal-peleg-9 Cats-Yin-and-Yang-talpeleg__605 Eye-art14__605 Eye-art3__605 Eye-art9__605 Baymax-talpeleg__605