30 objects / places / activities that are very very cheesy and that I adore

I've always loved being categorized as a cheeky person! I even think I specialized as being a quaint lover / romantic. For me, a perfect date is to go mini-putt or take a pedal boat ride. To be dressed the same as my dating / blonde is definitely the dream. For me, the perfect time is to run in slow motion towards his girlfriend on a beach with wild horses, a sunset and to give a kissing beak. All of Matthew Mcconaughey's flirtatious love films are masterpieces and having a fake fire on your television while sipping a fruity drink with a small umbrella in it is magical. Everyone has a little cheeky side, you just have to accept it.

Tomorrow (Friday) at 11:30 am, I will be at the'Isabelle Maréchal's program (hosted by Marie-Claude Lavallée for the summer) on 98,5 FM to talk cheesy! When the researcher called me, I said: "Me, me, a specialist in quétaine, I think that is the best compliment that has been given to me wow!" ". I then invited him to get married in Las Vegas where I will have an Elvis kit.

*Thanks to Maude Beaupre aka Homerun Lady for help in the search, you're great!

1. Put plastic flamingos in front of your house


2. Wear a shirt with orange flames


3. Go to the photographer at Sears and opt for the effect of putting a big face in the background.


4. Give a Best Friends Forever necklace to your friend


5. Playing a game of mini-putt is even more cheesy if you did it in Wildwood81eeeb65f695c29f98196c36819abfc9

6. Put eyelashes on your car100_pairs_Car_Black_False_Eyelashes_Sticker

7. Ride a pedal boat in love hand in hand


8. Have an Eric Lapointe computer background (you can choose a superb one here)1601521_707834756004953_1429727296510793766_n

9. Have a car with a leopard pattern


or zebra2655436568_536a4c5640_b

10. Play a game of Scrabble and take a picture during the match


11. Dress head to toe in jeans to become the perfect pair of denim


12. Decorate your house like thisbeautiful-house-quebec-6

13. Anything that glitters a little too much


14. Wolf sweaters with a moon

Capture-minimum screen-2012-09-07 to 12.09.03

15. Make a tattoo that merges with his girlfriend


16. Singing Give me a chance some BBs at karaoke


17. Take a photo with her favorite singer while having a sweater with a photo of her and youima

18. Braids in the South


19. Dress up your dog with a small colorful kit


20. Dress identical to your girlfriend / boyfriend at the same time


21. The mushroom cut


22. Putting tights on your car to show off family members018

23. Put a fake fire in the television


24. Sweaters that pretend you're in a bikini

Bikini T-Shirts

25. Water beds ET9387-0

26. Have a woven / knitted board in your house


27. A plastic fruit bowl in her kitchenplastic-fruit

28. Tie your sweater over your shoulders


29. Put white stockings in your sandals


30. Actor Pauly Shore