The funniest road signs in Europe

Here are the funniest signs you can find in Europe. It is undoubtedly the best signs for entertainment if you have a long road to do. My favorite is without a doubt the elephant crossing, it seems to me it's quite funky to see that in a city. If someone in Europe comes across a sign written Petit Gamin or Gaminerie, you must send it to me! (via our friends from Sell ​​your car)

fun_directional_panel sign_indicatif-made-in-france panel_indication-unusual-school-zonedanger_signal_panel funny-fish-prohibition-sign panel_ralentisseur-made-in-france sign_signalisation_paris entrance-panel-agglomeration-in-mars sign-indication-funny-voice-without-exit sign-unusual-forbidden-sense no-sign funny-sign panel-funny-entry-agglo-anguish

road-sign-funny-wild boar road-sign-roundabout signage_sens_interdit_pinceau