A motorist ridicules the cyclists on his way by shouting "C't'écoeurant"

There really is a war (which I don't understand) between motorists and cyclists on the roads of Quebec. I recently told you about the completely enraged comments of some motorists on the page of the Quebec Automobile Insurance Company. Here is that Daniel Beaulieu coming from La Prairie has decided to film all the cyclists who do not stop in their path. Maneuvering his camera while driving, the man, who is excessively annoyed, keeps saying "y'on po fait leeu stop coalisse", shouting and with a dose of joy. I don't know what is more dangerous: maneuvering a camera while driving or not making stops on a bicycle. (via Plateau click)

you have a little dessert ,, i arrive at the exit of st henri at the store the cycle path passes drette there at the stop sign, he does not stop, well I said to myself, these me the cellar look at the rest

Posted by Daniel Beaulieu on Tuesday, July 7, 2015