The most special laugh in all of Quebec?

I look at the title of the article "Just for the laughs of the guy ..." which appears on the blog The Plateau Clique and I'm like "her laugh is better to be funny to do an article just on that". Beginning of the video, we hear the guy's laughter, I'm "ok it's funny but nothing more". But towards the end of the video, it gets sick! The guy can't stop laughing because his friend is on a sort of three-wheeled segway. Laughter is special with a twist and it just doesn't stop. It looks like our Normand has hot potatoes in his mouth and he's laughing at the same time. It's like the funniest thing on the planet is unfolding before his eyes. I think I'll start laughing like him from now on… I'm sure I'll lose some friends but at least I'll go to the Monster Truck and dress in the promo sweaters / caps that you find in the sti beer crates.

Posted by Norman Plourde on Sunday, June 21, 2015