Motivated parents recreate the greatest classics of cinema with their babies!

Definitely, I admire these motivated parents who decide to spend hours and hours taking pictures that will serve as a souvenir for their child. This is the case of the couple Leon and Lilly Orson who must surely have had a VERY big parental leave because I do not see where they found the time to leave a blog and make those concept pictures. In any case, well done to them because the result is really cute! (via Minute Buzz)

TopGun-L Titanic-L StarWars2-L StarWars-L AloneWorld-L SaveWilly-L BackToTheFuture-L PirateDesCaraibes-L MomJaiMissedPlane-L LesOiseaux-L LaFamilleAdams-L KingKong-L IndianaJones1-L Grease-L ForrestGump-L ET-L DieHard-L MotherTooth-L BreakingBad-L Batman-l Alien-L 007Goldfinger-L