15 faces that you have surely already done at school

Today I present to you the 15 faces that you have surely already done at school. There are so many funny, awkward and wacky situations going on at school that I'm sure you'll recognize yourself among them. If you think I missed any in the article, write it in the comments and I'll add them!





1. The face: When you just noticed that you had work and that it is Sunday evening.


2. The face: I don't know the answer, can you ask another student, please?

Screenshot 2015-01-09 to 10.34.18

3. The face: The teacher changed the Power Point page too quickly and you haven't finished writing the notes.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 to 10.45.37

4. The face: I can't keep my eyes open, the course is flat.


5. The face: Not understanding the first question of an exam and telling yourself that it won't be easy.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 to 10.47.42

6. The face: When the teacher sees you cheating and you react by acting as if you are thinking very hard by looking elsewhere.


7. The face: After an exam, when everyone is discussing the answers, and you haven't written anything like the others.


8. The Face: When someone in the class gets quibbled and it's not you.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 to 14.06.06

9. The face: When you just noticed that the worksheet was double-sided and you just answered one side.


10. Face: When the teacher is reluctant to let you go to the bathroom during class.


11. The face: I knew the answer so why the teacher didn't choose me.

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12. The face: When your teacher forms work teams and you want with all your heart that he pairs you with your crush in the classroom.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 to 13.54.23

13. The Face: When the teacher begins to put the corrected exams in order from the worst result to the best.


14. The Face: When you thought you had a bad grade and you had a great result.


15. La Face: When you can't find the room where your course is given on the first day of school.