An alarm clock that gets you out of bed smelling of coffee, fruit or bacon

You have all the difficulties in the world to get up in the morning. Is it still the battle to open your eyes and get up? Maybe this alarm clock is for you. The SensorWake lets you wake up gently to the scent of coffee, fruit, mint and bacon. You choose your capsule in the evening and in the morning the smell invades your room. You can even put the smell of money, it still smells average! You can learn more about the project by watching this very corporate video. Actually the video is pretty flat anyway but at least it might get you to fall asleep haha! You can follow the developments of this project by going to see their Kickstarter.

SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-1 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-2 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-3 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-5 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-6 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-7 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-8 SensorWake-olfactory-awakening-9