An interactive world map that changes according to the countries you have visited

Last week there was a lot of interest in the article A world map that lets you scratch off the countries you've visited. Now, it didn't take long before other options like this circulated on the internet. I present to you the interactive map Go! World which lets you know the size of the world for you. Every time you visit a country, you have to remove a piece of vinyl covering it. The more you travel, the more you will be able to see the world map evolve according to your adventures. The Go! World costs a little over $ 30, you can get it hereHow-many-countries-have-you-traveled-The-most-stylish-poster-in-the-world.1__880black-matte-interactive-map-go-world-bold-tuesday-9black-matte-interactive-map-go-world-bold-tuesday-21How-many-countries-have-you-traveled-The-most-stylish-poster-in-the-world.2__880How-many-countries-have-you-traveled-Probably-the-most-minimal-map-in-the-world .__ 880