Discover these 3 pretty fans of the Montreal Canadiens

My bro JT from the blog 25stanley started a new business on Snapchat and it's pretty cool. As part of the series, he is always accompanied by a Stanleybae to listen to the game. What is a Stanleybae? She is an attractive hockey fan in every sense of the word: her vibe, her attitude, her style, her character. Tomorrow at 13:00 p.m., we're going on a road trip to Ottawa with the Stanleybae / top lady Macbud. I invite you to follow the account Stanleybae on Snapchat to see all the silliness we're going to do in the city and the Senators game to cheer on the Montreal Canadiens.



Stanleybae: MACBUD


Screen-shot-2015-04-02-at-6.44.39-PM-600x400 Screen-shot-2015-04-02-at-6.52.27-PM-600x398

ASV: 27 / F / Montreal
Favorite player: Carey Price.
Best place to party in Montreal: Peopl.
To get drunk: Whiskey baby or Dirty Martini. Very dirty, just like me. LawL.
Good or Bad Drunk: I become everyone's friend.
Best hockey story: Ha my God, I have so many good ones, but I don't want to tell you. So here's the one from yesterday. When I read that Carey Price was 6-8 weeks injured, I almost cried, but then realized it was April Fool's Day.
Most often used phrase: Take a chill pill.
Turn on Tinder: if you're not posed with a lizard in Cuba.
Best internet stunt: 95 views on my Dubsmash
You are in love, you can follow her on: IG: @macbud - Twitter: @macbud_ - FB: Macbud Jordan O'neil Beaudin


Posted by Macbud Jordan O'Neil Beaudin on Friday, December 19, 2014

Stanleybae: CAMILLE


Name: Camille
ASV: 24 / F / Montreal
Favorite player: Carey Price
Best place to party in Montreal: New City Gas (my job)
To get drunk: Jameson
Good or Bad Drunk: Good drunk! Always in self-control
Best hockey story:  I am an expert at upgrading seats when I see free benches closer to the ice.
Most often used phrase: Ayoye ...
Turn on Tinder: Not on Tinder, I'm taken
Best internet stunt (why are you famous): OD - lawl
Instagram: Camiillelep

Stanleybae: VANESSA


Stanleybae-GoHabsGo-Montreal-Girls-02 Stanleybae-GoHabsGo-Montreal-Girls-03

Name: Vanessa ASV: 23 / F / South Shore
Favorite player: PK Subban
Best place to party in Montreal: Nacho Libre
When you watch a game, you eat: Popcorn with a good red beer
Best hockey story: During Sochi 2014, I was in China and I went to bed at crazy hours just to follow the matches, and again, the network was not always available Lol
Most often used phrase: In short, Exactly, Man !, God!
Turn on Tinder: I don't have Tinder
Best internet stunt (why are you famous): The Coca-Cola Happiness Squad haha! Or when I danced at Bye Bye 2012 for `` Gabriel Nadeau Style ''
Instagram - Twitter : VaneBoudrias

POM Match Fan // StanleyBae Vanessa

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