10 reasons why pugs are really cool dogs!

Whether it is because of their innocent look or the little beads that are found on their foreheads, pugs have probably already won the hearts of many of you I'm sure! So for those who already love them, you can read this article by doing some well-assumed AWWWWWW. For others, this is the perfect opportunity to understand why pugs really are the coolest / touching / funny dogs in the world !!





1. Because they make the cutest faces!

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2. And the funniest faces !!


3. Because they can be very sexy !!

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4. Because you can choose the color you prefer !!


5. Because they are too fun to dress up !!

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6. Because they are so cute to sleep!

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7. Because they will follow you in all your adventures!


8. Because they make the best videobombs !!


9. Because there is nothing cuter in the world than seeing them standing!

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10. Because I could spend my whole days watching them go upstairs!


And for all those little everyday situations that will make you say… "Damn that I love her, my little pug of love !!"