Can you see the two women who form this chameleon?

Johannes stötter is a visual artist based in Italy. He is the one who produced this very special work featuring two women creating the illusion of being a chameleon together. The result is striking, but that's not all because the “chameleon” in question is also moving as you can see in the following video:


Here are other works by the same artist:

bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-1 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-2 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-3 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-4 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-5 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-7 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-9 bodypainting-johannes-stoetter-10 parrot-optical-illusion-body-art-johannes-stoetter-1 parrot-optical-illusion-body-art-johannes-stoetter-4